Webinar: Create with Navy - A Painting Workshop

Friday, June 5


In this 45-minute workshop designed for elementary-aged children as well as adults, art teacher Navy Chadsey, BFA 17, will introduce painting beyond the paintbrush to instruct you how to create a field of wildflowers.


We will be painting our wildflowers in a fun and innovative way that makes achieving this painting possible for all. This is a tactile workshop where texture is encouraged by using unique painting tools such as string dipped into paint and using both ends of a paintbrush to create wildflowers.


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Webinar: Create with Navy - Painting Workshop 2 2020
Friday, June 5
1 - 1:45 p.m. EDT
Online Webinar

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Materials needed:
-Acrylic paint: the 5 basic colours white, black, blue, yellow and red (we will be mixing paint to make dark blue, light blue, green and orange while also using yellow and red)
-A small canvas (approximately 8x10 inches) or something to paint on
-One large painting brush (approximately 1 inch) and one small painting brush (approximately 1 cm)
-Two pieces of string or twine (approximately 6 inches long each)
-A cup/container for your paint water
-A painting palette or plate
-A sheet of paper towel
-Optional: Latex gloves if you don’t like getting paint on your hands when using the string/twine as a painting tool and hand wipes.
June 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM
Ticket Type: 1 Complimentary