Georgian Football Club Award

Rekindle the Georgian spirit and help the next generation of Concordia athletes raise their game.

Georgian Football Award in Honour of Coach Pete Regimbald

As many former students know, financial aid provides invaluable support for varsity athletes. About 80 per cent of Concordia’s varsity athletes work part-time to pay for tuition, books and living expenses. This can cause great financial pressure and prevent some athletes from being able to play.

Many students work during the off-season to enable them to  focus on training, competition and studying  during the season  but it’s still an immense challenge. This is why donations are so important. Together we can offer our football athletes the boost they need to raise their game and realize their dreams. 

Recipients of the Georgian Football Club Award will be:

  • currently enrolled in a course of study leading to a Bachelor’s degree. Students in certificates or Independent programs will also be considered;
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or International students;
  • passionate about football as evaluated by coaching staff.

We might not play anymore, yet we can relive our passion by encouraging  the next generation of players!

Please give generously today.

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